Finding the right balance.

TransAlta. We’re more than a power generator. We’ve been your neighbour and a fellow community member since 1909. This unique combination of shared history and concern permeates everything we do and has a profound impact on our approach to sustainability. For us, sustainability is a careful balance of:

• Economic sustainability – growth and return to shareholders
• Environmental sustainability – proactively addressing environmental concerns
• Social sustainability – the needs and rights of employees and communities, their health and their safety

Each day we refine and improve how we balance these elements with society’s expectation that we continue to generate safe, reliable and affordable power.

You’ll see that philosophy evident in our actions every day. From our support of the local school, community centre or athletic facility, to the leadership role we’ve taken in advancing clean-power technologies, we are committed to sustainable growth that will benefit us all. This section highlights how that action takes shape. For more information about our approach to economic sustainability, see the Investor Relations section.