Clean power transition Underway

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By 2030, TransAlta will have closed the last of its coal plants and completed the Clean Power transition that began several years ago. TransAlta today has Canada’s largest wind-generating capacity and the majority of Alberta’s hydro generation. We recently added solar to our portfolio, and our gas and renewables operations now represent more than half of our business.

We have facilities in B.C. and eastern Canada, the northwestern and northeastern United States and Australia. And notwithstanding the current instability and uncertainty in Alberta, we see great opportunity in our home province. As expected from a company that has operated for more than a century, we are here for the long haul.

Now, as TransAlta completes this last stage of the gas and renewables transition from coal, it is important to get the timing right.

Alberta needs affordable electricity: To underpin economic growth, to spur billions of dollars of future investment to fund new generation, to protect consumers from price spikes, and to protect jobs and communities. It is as simple as that.

Charting the course to 2030 starts with focusing on how we support the competitiveness of our customers — the companies that invest, build, expand, hire and drive growth. They need the lowest possible electricity costs to remain competitive in a highly volatile global environment.

In turn, all Albertans — consumers and communities — directly benefit from a robust, competitive economy.

In jurisdictions elsewhere in Canada, the U.S. and Europe that expanded renewables too rapidly, without the certainty of supply of baseload electricity, power bills soared and jobs were lost. They did not get the timing right, and consumers and businesses are now paying the price.

Alberta can learn from that experience by charting a course that serves the needs of this province — including the Alberta government’s climate change commitments. We share that vision. It can be achieved without sacrificing affordability and certainty of electricity supply, current and future investment, and consumer protection. We look forward to moving as quickly as possible to support a strong economic rebound.

The 2030 timeline is set. TransAlta is ready.

TransAlta Files Submission with the Alberta Climate Change Advisory Panel

“Dial Down – Dial Up” environmental strategy proposed

TransAlta has submitted a proposal to the Alberta Climate Change Advisory Panel that would see a “Dial Down” of coal-based electricity generation while the province “Dials Up” renewables-based generation.

The proposal would impose a hard cap on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from coal-fired generation. Coal plants would operate at reduced capacity starting in 2016 while maintaining base load generation levels during the transition. At the same time, the proposal would facilitate accelerated investment in renewables generation, including hydro, wind and solar generation. TransAlta is already Canada’s largest wind power generator and has Alberta’s largest hydro operations.

TransAlta is committed to working with all stakeholders, including environmental groups, communities and our unions, to develop a solution that would enable the province to achieve its GHG reduction targets, protect consumers from high power prices, accelerate renewables generation, protect jobs and support economic growth.

TransAlta’s submission, along with related appendices, can be found under “Related Documents” on the right side of this page.