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Reporting Our Sustainable Value

Social and environmental performance is just part of our business

In 2018, we released our third integrated report, which covered results in 2017. We are proud to be the first company in Alberta to integrate financial and  sustainability reporting.


We are on the leading edge — very few companies put their financial, people, environmental and safety goals all together in one integrated annual report.


Reporting our sustainability results alongside our financial and operational performance reflects how central sustainability is to how we do business.

2017 Sustainability Highlights

Sustainability is central to how we do business. This is our third year releasing an integrated annual report — integrated, because it combines our sustainability results and financial performance into one report. Sustainability highlights from 2017 include:

  • Production from renewable energy resulted in avoidance of over 3.1 million tonnes of CO2e, which is equivalent to removing over 660,000 vehicles from North American roads
  • Reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions of 800,000 tonnes CO2e, compared with 2016 (2017: 29.9 million tonnes CO2e and 2016: 30.7 million tonnes CO2e)
  • We reduced our water intake or water taken from natural environments by 26 million m3, which was an 11 per cent reduction over 2016
  • Continued progress on plans to pursue a transition of our coal plants to gas and expand our hydro capacity at our Brazeau facility — in line with our clean power growth strategy
  • Continued goal and target setting in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Alignment. In 2016 we aligned our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and in 2017, we further aligned new clean power and quality education for youth targets with the UN SDGs
  • We achieved a record for safety performance — our Injury Frequency Rate was 0.72 (2016: 0.85)
  • Community investments that totaled $2.6 million with $750,000 of this total being dedicated to youth education (including the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Southern and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Mount Royal University, The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (indigenous leadership scholarships), Mother Earth’s Children’s Charter School (indigenous kindergarten to grade 9), Calgary Stampede (the Young Canadians, ages 7 to 18), national Canada and U.S. indigenous scholarships (post-secondary for trades and academic) and the Alberta Council for Environmental Education

TransAlta has been reporting on sustainability for 23 years.
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