Funding Exclusions

TransAlta reviews all requests based on their merit and fit with our community investment program. While we respect the efforts of all non-profit organizations and registered charities that are working to build healthy and vibrant communities, support will not normally be provided for the following:

  • Organizations whose aims, interests or activities are in conflict with TransAlta’s business interests and values
  • Conventions, conferences or seminars, unless relevant to TransAlta’s business
  • Sectarian or denominational religious groups
  • Labour or fraternal organizations
  • Private foundations or clubs
  • Service clubs, fraternal organizations or commercial third-party fundraising groups
  • Individual requests
  • Professional or technical associations operating expenses
  • Endowments, contingency funds or deficit campaigns

Unless negotiated as a component of a corporate sponsorship, the following will not be funded:

  • Registration fees for conferences or seminars
  • Courtesy and goodwill advertising
  • Travel, meals or accommodations