Route Segments

Routing is a process that incorporates the best available information with the goal of finding a route that has the lowest overall impact. This includes understanding potential impacts or features that may be unique to the Project area. Starting with many options, these are then narrowed down to allow for a more detailed review of the route(s) identified.

A preferred route and alternate routes have been determined through the consideration of different criteria. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •  Location of residences;
  • Existing infrastructure such as roads, transmission lines and wind turbines;
  • Environmental considerations such as wildlife and native grasslands;
  • Technical design such as turbine set back areas and clearances;
  • Land types and terrain;
  • Public and stakeholder feedback;
  • Indigenous interests;
  • Cost and length; and
  • Private and public land use.

TransAlta will continue discussions with local residents to refine routes prior to filing a facilities application with the Alberta Utilities Commission.

A map of the preferred route and alternate routes under consideration can be found here.


At a Glance

  • Location: MD of Willow Creek, 20km south of Fort Macleod
  • Technology: 138,000 volts
  • Length: 21km

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