Centralia Update

It’s time to clear the air about emissions from the Centralia plant

Dear community member,

Earlier this week, Washington state announced that the agreement between TransAlta and the Department of Ecology to significantly reduce mercury and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from the Centralia plant has been finalized. TransAlta welcomes this agreement as a positive step that benefits both the environment and our community. Documents related to the agreement are available on the Department of Ecology’s website here.

It is particularly important to note that in signing this agreement TransAlta has voluntarily committed to significant mercury reductions. To achieve these reductions we will spend $20-30 million to install and operate state-of the-art mercury control technologies that will be fully operating by the end of 2012 – at least three years before the Department of Ecology expects federal mercury regulations could take effect.

Moreover, the agreement secures an additional 20 percent reduction in NOx emissions beyond the significant reductions we already have achieved by our investment of more than $300 million in pollution controls since 2000.

TransAlta is committed to doing our part to protect the natural environment we all value as Washingtonians. This is why we’re also working with Governor Gregoire and the Department of Ecology on a proposed agreement that would further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and replace coal-fired energy production at Centralia by 2025.

The agreement announced this week by Washington state is just the latest example of how TransAlta is working to ensure that businesses and residents in Washington have access to reliable, affordable and cleaner energy.

If you have concerns, questions or feedback, we want to hear from you. Please email us at centralia@transalta.com.

Lou Florence
Plant Manager

For more information

Learn more about the agreement from the State of Washington Department of Ecology.