PowerTalk Series 2010 launches today

Nov 8, 2010

Calgary, AB (November 8, 2010) – TransAlta Corporation today launches its inaugural PowerTalk Series dedicated to an open dialogue with external guests about the future of the Canadian energy sector and building a business case for sustainability. Today’s event takes place in Calgary, Alberta.

PowerTalk brings together two of Canada’s most sought-after energy conservation and sustainable strategy experts:

• Rob Abbott, CEO of Abbott Strategies and author of Conscious Endeavors: Essays on Business, Society   and the Journey to Sustainability; and
• Peter Tertzakian, Chief Energy Economist of ARC Financial and author of The End of Energy Obesity and A Thousand Barrels a Second.

Joining them are key subject matter experts from TransAlta, including Vice-President of Sustainable Development Don Wharton and Vice-President of Commercial Operations and Development Rob Schaefer.

“We’re excited to welcome special guests at TransAlta’s first-ever PowerTalk Series,” said Schaefer. “The future of Canada’s energy sector looks promising, if we are smart about it. This means we must have open dialogue to answer this critical question: how do we build a strong Canadian energy sector that can meet future demand in a smart, competitive and sustainable way? PowerTalk provides us the opportunity to explore this topic more in-depth.”

PowerTalk is a half-day speakers’ series dedicated to answering the most critical questions the Canadian energy industry faces. Guests from throughout Alberta have come together to understand what the energy future landscape looks like, how their businesses may be affected, and how they can prepare for industry transitions in the short-and-long term. These changes include: the volatile price of natural gas; the Alberta government’s recent introduction of Bill 24 legislation, which would see the province assume long-term liability for carbon dioxide pumped underground in the province; or the federal government’s policy to close coal-fired facilities at 45 years of age, or the end of their power purchase arrangements.

“Over the years, we’ve made our devices more efficient, only to find, ironically, that it’s made us consume even more energy,” said Tertzakian. “We’ve periodically cut back our energy only to revert back to bad habits. We’ve added more renewables only to find that fossil fuels still dominate. Now we’re energy obese. The question I will ask those in the audience at PowerTalk as well as the question I address in my book The End of Energy Obesity is this: how can the world reduce its energy appetite and change its diet for fuels for a prosperous and secure tomorrow?”

A summary of PowerTalk will be available later this week via transalta.com/commercial.

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