Ontario Energy Board Notice regarding TransAlta’s Application for Determination of Preliminary Issues in Complaint regarding Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) Obligation Interpretation

Feb 6, 2015

TransAlta Corporation, TransAlta Generation Partnership and TransAlta Cogeneration L.P. (TransAlta) have filed a Complaint with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) against Union Gas Limited (Union) regarding the interpretation of Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) in the standard form T1/T2 Contract and the alternative dispute resolution requirements applicable to contracts for transportation services.

TransAlta has requested that the Board make a preliminary determination on three issues, and the Board has agreed to hear this application in an Oral Hearing that will be held on April 7, 2015. Pursuant to the OEB’s notice requirements, a copy of the Notice of Application, and Procedural Order 1 is attached, together with a copy of TransAlta’s Application. TransAlta also attaches a letter dated January 30, 2015 from the Board, which clarifies that the hearing that was originally scheduled for March 17, 2015 has been rescheduled to April 7, 2015.

If parties wish to have a paper copy of TransAlta’s application, they can contact Sandra Ward at TransAlta at 403-267-3622 or sandra_ward@transalta.com.

Acknowledgement letter from TransAlta to OEB