Transparency is key to being a leader in carbon disclosure

TransAlta only power generation company in Top 20 of Canada’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index

CALGARY, Alberta (November 6, 2015) – TransAlta Corporation (“TransAlta”) (TSX: TA; NYSE: TAC) is pleased to be recognized by the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) as a leader in the disclosure of climate change information.

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Every year since 2007, TransAlta has provided a comprehensive and in-depth report to the CDP to disclose our impact on the environment and natural resources.

The CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies to measure, disclose and share vital environmental information. The report evaluates our approach to our strategy, governance and evaluation of climate risks and opportunities as well as an in-depth analysis of business related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The CDP conducts the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (the Index) on behalf of 822 institutional investors with assets of $95 trillion and is increasingly international in scope. The United Kingdom for example has recently included GHG reporting it its UK Companies Act, making it mandatory for companies to disclose their carbon footprint.

“Investors are increasingly interested in how companies disclose their risks and opportunities in respect to climate change,” says TransAlta sustainability advisor Matthew Toohey.

“TransAlta is positioned to reduce emissions from coal generation in Alberta, while supporting and advocating for the development of cleaner sources of power. As a leader in renewable energy, in Alberta and Canada, we understand the importance of accelerating GHG reductions.” – Dawn Farrell, president and CEO
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“We want our investors to know we are transparent in reporting our carbon footprint. We don’t hold anything back.”

TransAlta a leader in climate disclosure in Canada

Out of 200 companies included in the CDP Index in Canada, TransAlta is not only in the top 20, but scored 100 this year, making us a leading carbon disclosure company in Canada.

“One of the biggest improvements in our report this year was looking beyond just TransAlta’s operations and looking at our carbon footprint where it relates to our supply chain and our joint venture operations,” says Toohey.

Since the CDP started scoring reports based on disclosure and performance in 2011, TransAlta’s score has steadily improved.

Working to become Canada’s leading clean power company

TransAlta is the only energy utility on the CDP Index, demonstrating our dedication becoming Canada’s leading clean-power company.

With targets in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal, TransAlta has committed to reductions from 2005 CO2e (CO2 equivalent) levels:

  • By 20 per cent by 2021 (7 million tonnes)
  • By 55 per cent by 2030 (19.7 million tonnes)
Accelerating the transition to clean power

  • Alberta’s largest hydroelectric producer
  • Largest wind generator in Canada.
  • Doubled installed renewable energy capacity in North America since 2005 to 2,315 megawatts (MW) in 2015 including solar facilities

What’s next for TransAlta as a leader in Carbon Disclosure?

Disclosure is step one, and we’re proud to have met this goal, but meanwhile we’re working hard to reduce our carbon risk. Transitioning away from coal to renewable energy is evidence of this.

Our Dial Down – Dial Up proposal to the Alberta government is an excellent example of the economic, social and environmental considerations TransAlta is looking at for the future of Alberta.

We’ve proposed a solution that gets Alberta off coal, reduces emissions immediately, increases renewables on our grid, protects jobs, protects customers and ultimately protects price spikes for residential Albertans. It’s not just about emission reductions at any cost; it’s about sustainable emission reductions.

What is the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index?

The index highlights public companies that have demonstrated excellence in the quality of climate change information it has disclosed.

Two hundred Canadian companies are included in the CDP Index which highlights the top 20 companies that demonstrated the most complete and transparent approach to climate change reporting. Companies are scored specifically on climate change strategy, evaluation of climate risks and opportunity and management of business-related GHG emissions.

The Canada 200 report, including names of companies features in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, can be found here.