Spying on Peregrines

TransAlta is proud to be a major sponsor of the peregrine falcon camera initiative for our second year, helping the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) to stream live video from various nesting sites in Edmonton and area.

This educational initiative provides a bird’s eye view into the life of a peregrine, from nesting in the spring to hatching and fledging in the summer. Peregrine falcons are a part of the growing number of species at risk in Alberta. One way to protect the species is through education, which is why the ACA developed the peregrine camera program.

Ken Woollard, environmental technologist at Alberta Coal and Mining, conducted a survey on the breeding success of peregrine falcons at TransAlta’s Sundance and Keephills plants. Over the last ten years, a total of 31 young were fledged at the sites. This spring, the peregrines returned — a pair was spotted at each site keeping a low profile while nesting.

Make sure to spy on the peregrines this spring and summer to see five amazing life stories unfold.