Centralia named Plant of the Year for “Doing it Right”

Jan 8, 2013

Powder River Basin Users’ Group honours TransAlta Centralia Generations for operational excellence

The Powder River Basin (PRB) Coal Users’ Group Board of Directors unanimously voted TransAlta’s Centralia operations as the 2013 Plant of the Year. Representatives from the PRB Coal Users’ Group toured the Centralia facility in October 2012 after someone from outside of TransAlta nominated the plant for the honour. The Board said TransAlta’s Centralia plant was one of the cleanest and best maintained plants they had inspected throughout the country.

In his congratulations letter, Board Chairman Bob Taylor said, “It is most evident that the Centralia plant, its leadership and employees are aligned to the mission of the PRB Coal Users’ Group and serve as a model to others for continual improvement by ‘doing it right.’” Centralia was compared against hundreds of coal plants throughout the United States.

Centralia’s Senior Fuel Specialist, Will Greenough, who led the application effort following the outside nomination, said, “There is no way we could even be considered for this if it wasn’t for everybody taking pride in the plant and their job—and understanding the necessity for procedures for handling this coal.”

Key to being recognized as ‘Plant of the Year’ is an exemplary environmental and safety record. The plant has had no significant environmental events in the past several years, and the plant recently went an entire year without a safety or environmental reportable event.

For TransAlta, the award is a reminder of the value of working together. “This award is very significant,” Greenough said. “You can’t do it unless you’re a team. That attitude is what allows us to operate and send people home at night safely.”

January 8, 2013

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