Bird’s eye view featuring peregrine falcons

Jun 7, 2016

TransAlta is proud to be a major sponsor of the peregrine falcon camera initiative, helping the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) to stream live video from web cameras set up at various peregrine falcon nesting sites in Edmonton and area. This educational initiative provides a bird’s eye view into the intimate life of a peregrine, from nesting in the spring to hatching and fledging in the summer. The peregrine cameras provide a 24-hour online falcon reality show for everyone’s enjoyment and education.

Peregrine falcons are a part of the growing number of species at risk in Alberta. Various peregrine recovery programs throughout the province, as well as a reduction in the amount of harsh pesticides being used, have helped the species to rebound. Another way to protect the species is to educate the public, which is why the ACA developed the peregrine camera program.

Ken Woollard, environmental technologist with TransAlta’s Alberta Coal and Mining division, conducted a survey on the breeding success of the peregrines on the TransAlta stacks at its power generation facilities west of Edmonton. Over the last ten years, a total of 31 young were fledged at the two sites (14 at Keephills and 17 at Sundance.) This spring, a pair has been spotted at each plant’s nest box, and the hope is to increase those numbers by fall. When asked about the importance of the species, Woollard stated, “They are beautiful and fast; for me they have a tremendous importance as a symbol of the influence humans can have on other species both bad and good. Most importantly, these birds show that it’s possible to change things for the better on a global scale.”

TransAlta, a partner in conservation with ACA, believes in giving back to organizations who share a common interest in the protection of the environment. The ACA has developed many grass-roots initiatives that aim to conserve, protect and enhance wildlife habitat for all Albertans to enjoy. As a power generation company, we recognize the importance of participating in conservation efforts to enable species such as the peregrine falcon to thrive.

Peeking in on the peregrines