Water Safety


We generate electricity using the flow of water, which means that water levels and flows in the rivers, lakes and reservoirs around our dams and generating facilities can change rapidly without warning. Hydro facilities turn on several times a day and move very large amounts of water; therefore, even if it appears to be safe at the time, approaching the inlet or outlet of a hydro generation plant is extremely dangerous.   You can ensure your visit and water activity is safe by respecting warning signs around hydro facilities and following simple safety rules.


No Trespassing 

Many of TransAlta’s hydro facilities are surrounded by private lands owned by TransAlta and other parties. Recreating or using this land for any purposes constitutes trespassing. Protect yourself and our neighbours by obeying signs and fences and ensuring you are permitted to be on the land.

In particular, there is no public access or parking at TransAlta’s Kananasksis (Seebe), Horseshoe and Bearspaw facilities.


    Staying safe around hydro facilities

    Some areas surrounding TransAlta hydro facilities are used for various recreational activities, such as swimming, boating, paddle boarding, hiking, fishing and camping. While these areas allow for enjoyable outdoor activities, they can also be dangerous if not used properly. Ensure your safety by respecting warning signs around hydro facilities and following these simple safety rules.

    Safety Tips

    Water Emergency Contact

    In case of water related emergencies: Call 911 or the local RCMP detachment.

    Local Emergency Contact

    If you need to report an emergency or safety issue with one of our TransAlta hydro facilities: Call 1-877-967-2555