Facilities in Development

Facility Name Location Fuel MW Ownership Revenue Operator On-stream
Repowering Keephills 1 Parkland County, AB Gas 630 100% Merchant Yes 2024
SemCAMS Cogeneration Project Fox Creek, AB Gas 40 50% LTC Yes Q4 2021
Repowering Sundance 5 Parkland County, AB Gas 630 100% Merchant Yes Q4 2023
Skookumchuck Lewis and Thurston County, WA Wind 136.8 49% LTC No Q4 2020
Windrise Fort Macleod, AB Wind 207 100% LTC Yes Second Half - 2021
Windrise Transmission Project Fort Macleod, AB Transmission - - - No 2021
WindCharger Battery Storage Pincher Creek, AB Energy Storage 10 MW / 20 MWh 100% Merchant Yes July 2020
Antelope Coulee Webb, SK Wind 200 100% TBD Yes TBD
Garden Plain Hanna/Castor, AB Wind 130 100% TBD Yes TBD
Cowley Ridge Repower Pincher Creek, AB Wind 18.6 100% TBD Yes TBD


Our beginnings started in Alberta over 100 years ago. Today, we stretch across the country providing the electricity Canadians need every day.


TransAlta Energy Australia is building on our 20-year history in the country with significant new investments made over the past few years.

United States

Our United States operations began in Centralia, Washington. Since then, we have grown to five facilities spanning coal, hydro, solar and wind generation.