Windrise Transmission Project

The proposed Windrise Transmission Project will connect the Windrise Wind Project to Alberta’s electricity system through a 138,000 volt transmission line approximately 21km in length.

The Windrise Transmission Project will connect the proposed Windrise Wind Project substation to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System in the Municipal District of Willow Creek, Alberta.

The feedback we received, along with the results of our environmental surveys and ongoing design work, has allowed us to select a preferred route and alternate routes. TransAlta will be continuing discussions with landowners and stakeholder groups as we continue to understand and mitigate outstanding concerns. We will continue to work with potentially affected individuals to finalize route options prior to submitting an application to the Alberta Utilities Commission this November.

Project Details

At a Glance

  • Location: MD of Willow Creek, 20km south of Fort Macleod
  • Technology: 138,000 volts
  • Length: 21km

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