Information Technology

Why join a world-class, organization like TransAlta?

Here are a few reasons worth considering …

  1. Work-life balance is important
    TransAlta knows you value your free time as much as your work. We offer a generous vacation package for all our employees… because we only get the best out of you when you’ve got something left for yourself.
  2. Organizational size
    TransAlta is large enough and diverse enough to have an array of IT challenges to keep you going for an entire career. What’s more, you’ll have the resources to see the important projects through, and you’ll be making a discernible impact today, and long into the future.
  3. A true business partner
    TransAlta’s IT group does much more than “support” the business. We’re a true business partner and it’s our goal to add tangible value to the corporation with everything we do. Whether you’re working on behalf of Marketing and Energy Trading, Generation, or corporate services like Finance, you’ll have the opportunity to add value at every turn.
  4. We view IT holistically
    TransAlta’s approach to enterprise architecture means you’ll have the opportunity to bring a unified “technological” approach to the entire business – an approach that allows you to re-purpose and benefit from an ever expanding base of knowledge.
  5. Cross-functional opportunities
    TransAlta provides ample opportunity for “techies” of every stripe to meet and collaborate with techies of … well, every other stripe. Whether it’s through our fun and informal “IT Stonkies” (see our “A Day in the Life” feature) or collaborative projects that demand the sharing of knowledge and experience to achieve group objectives, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and learn from the experience of others.
  6. Corporate stability
    Power generation is a capital intensive business where “dollars” are often referred to in billions, and commitments are made years, even decades in advance. That means the projects you’ll be working on should add value for years at a time … no more “developing” from one round of financing to the next.
  7. We fund your pension. You direct it.
    In most cases, TransAlta fully funds employee pension plans and each individual has the ability to direct the investment of their pension funds in a manner that’s best suited for them.

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