Information Technology

A Day In The Life

Click on the day’s appointments and reminders to get a better idea of what life as an IT professional is all about at TransAlta.

9 am | IT meeting with Finance re: Finance objectives
Our IT teams are true business partners with the many groups within our organization. To the extent IT solutions help them achieve their goals, these goals also become ours; so our success is dependent upon their success. After all, it’s not the implementation that counts, it’s the value we create that does.

11 am | Enterprise Architecture Review
At TransAlta, we view all our IT work as a whole. That means we bring a unified approach to the solutions we build or implement. As we see it, good enterprise architecture allows us to build an IT footprint that is efficient, solid, and can support all aspects of the business. It’s one of our most valuable contributions to the company’s overall and ongoing success.

12 pm | IT Stonky
An IT Stonky is much more than just a free lunch! Stonkies are great occasions to get together with fellow IT professionals at TransAlta to learn about all aspects of the business. Typically hosted by one project team or another, these informative sessions use presentations, hands-on and interactive demonstrations to expand your knowledge and open your eyes to other areas of our work that may be of interest to you.

3 pm | 1-on-1 with VP IT
All IT staff have the opportunity to sit down, on a scheduled basis, with senior leaders within the IT organization, and that includes the VP who meets with all staff, individually, at least once a year. That helps keep the lines of communication open and ensures everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

Reminder 1: | Schedule performance reviews
Individual performance and development play significant roles at TransAlta. Through annual plans and quarterly updates, leaders and their direct reports set individual goals, assess competencies, define development strategies, and report on their success.

Reminder 2: | 2-day SAP training starts tomorrow
Because we make IT investments for the long-term, it’s worth keeping IT staff up-to-date with all developments in their areas of expertise. Training of all sorts is regularly scheduled or made available throughout the year.

Reminder 3: | Review pension
Adjust the mix of stocks and bonds in your personal pension account. At TransAlta, you can do this because, while the company funds most pensions 100 percent, individual employees direct where their money is invested. This flexibility allows you to tailor your investment strategy to your own need.

Reminder 4: | Update our Team Site on TransAlta portal
Ongoing communication within IT keeps everyone in the loop so you never have to be in the dark about activities or initiatives that are underway.