A Day In The Life

Click on the day’s appointments and reminders to get a better idea of what life is like as a finance professional at TransAlta.

9 am | Review month-end results with the business
TransAlta’s Finance team is responsible for producing the high quality business analysis necessary for the business to take on multi-year commitments that will impact the company well into the future. They could be commitments to supply energy or purchase fuel and other products on a grand scale. How well these decisions are made can be greatly influenced by you.

11 am | Present finance options to Director
In the world of power generation, you’re dealing with large sums of capital, multiple commodities and financial risks. That adds an interesting and significant twist to your work, and provides you with varied, in-depth experience that’s hard to match.

1 pm | Review 6-month goals for incoming new grads
TransAlta firmly believes in the development of its people. That’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive development opportunities for new grads entering the work-force. Our two-year program puts new grads through four, 6-month rotations where they learn about the energy industry from a variety of perspectives, with one rotation often in a non-traditional finance or accounting role. For new grads, this is an opportunity to jump-start your career and for their mentors, an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

2 pm | Attend SAP training session
TransAlta recently implemented a new strategic enterprise management system with world-class tools for business planning and the consolidation of financial data. Built upon SAP, finance employees have the opportunity to put leading-edge, financial tools to full use.

5 pm | Course for CMA
TransAlta supports the efforts of its employees in striving for the professional finance designation of thier choice. The experience and breadth of knowledge individuals gain from their efforts can be applied in diverse roles across the company.

Reminder 1: | Schedule performance reviews
Individual performance and development play significant roles at TransAlta. Through annual plans and quarterly updates, leaders and their direct reports set individual goals, assess competencies, define development strategies, and report on their success.

Reminder 2: | Prepare financial reports for analyst call
TransAlta is regularly recognized for its approach to corporate reporting, having received awards in recent years from PrincewaterhouseCoopers and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, among others.

Reminder 3: | Review pension
Adjust mix of stocks and bonds in personal pension account. At TransAlta, you can do this because, while the company funds most pensions 100 percent, individual employees direct where their money is invested. This flexibility allows you to tailor your investment strategy to your own personal need.

Reminder 4: | Finance-wide bi-annual meeting with CFO
Executive managers at TransAlta understand everyone is involved in making the company a success and work to ensure everyone has an opportunity to be heard.