Why join a world-class, organization like TransAlta?

Here are a few reasons worth considering …

  1. Work-life balance is important
    TransAlta knows you value your free time as much as your work. We offer a generous vacation package for all our employees… because we only get the best out of you when you’ve got something left for yourself.
  2. We fund your pension. You direct it.
    In most cases, TransAlta fully funds employee pension plans and each individual has the ability to direct the investment of their pension funds in a manner that’s best suited for them.
  3. TransAlta is a diversified, international player in a dynamic industry.
    With a variety of power plants in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, we have a geographically and economically diverse portfolio utilizing different fuel-sources that serve both regulated and deregulated markets.
  4. A proven track record
    TransAlta has been in business since 1911. More than a company with a successful past, we have a bright future as well.
  5. Sustainability and responsibility are more than buzzwords
    TransAlta is a leader in corporate governance and sustainable development and our efforts have been acknowledged on more than 50 occasions since 1998.
  6. Your decisions have impact
    At TransAlta, decisions aren’t made thousands of miles away, and innovative ideas don’t pass through layers of bureaucracy. Even new employees are involved in critical decision making. And, many of our most important decisions are made locally.
  7. Varied careers – head office and field opportunities
    Experts say many of us will experience up to seven career changes. TransAlta lets you enjoy the exhilaration of career change by offering a diverse range of opportunities in various locations.
  8. Organizational size
    With more than 2,000 employees, $8 billion in assets, and more than 70 power plants, TransAlta is large enough for the most ambitious, yet small enough so you’re not lost in a crowd.

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