A Day In The Life

Click on the day’s appointments and reminders to get a better idea of what the life of an engineer is all about at TransAlta.

9 am | Review major maintenance strategy
TransAlta’s engineers play a key role in optimizing the output of all our plants by taking into account the age of each plant, their expected lifespan, and then tailoring their work priorities to get the most out of our fleet while remaining responsive to market demands.

10 am | Review plant turnaround
Efficient and effective plant turnarounds are critical to TransAlta’s success. Because power plants have a life-span measured in decades, they require ongoing maintenance (one of our hydro plants has been in operation since 1911). In a turnaround, our engineers organize their work meticulously so when a plant is taken out of service, it can be optimally refurbished and brought back online without delay. This minimizes our costs and makes the unit available to produce energy (and revenue) as soon as possible.

12 pm | Go for a run
Facilities are available at some TransAlta locations for a quick shower before returning to work.

2 pm | Stakeholder meeting with key suppliers
In the power industry, downtime can be costly and many of the parts (and services) required to maintain our plants are highly specialized. Our strategic spares team manages the delivery of these parts and services to ensure no time is unnecessarily lost.

4 pm | Safety meeting
TransAlta believes that all incidents are preventable and that no job is so urgent that it cannot be completed safely. This approach to safety is reflected in our safety program name, Target Zero.

Reminder | Schedule performance reviews
Individual performance and development play significant roles at TransAlta. Through annual plans and quarterly updates, leaders and their direct reports set individual goals, assess competencies, define development strategies, and report on their success.

Reminder | Review pension
Adjust mix of stocks and bonds in personal pension account. At TransAlta, you can do this because, while the company funds most pensions 100 per cent, individual employees direct where their money is invested. This flexibility allows you to tailor your investment strategy to your own personal needs.