UCP announce consultation for capacity or energy only market

Spring break is over and we are into election month! Power averaged $65.04/MWh in March, with declining
settles from the beginning of the month to the end. The week averaged $35.79/MWh, a 45% decrease week
over week. The forward curve is relatively flat week over week with no major announcements.

Alberta gas averaged $2.43/GJ in March. The week averaged $1.61/GJ, almost flat compared to last week.

Most interestingly this week, the UCP and the NDP released their platforms. The UCP has stated that if
elected they will consult on whether a capacity market or energy only market is better for consumers,
reporting back within 90 days. The UCP will also revise the carbon pricing scheme to the Technology
Innovation and Emissions Reductions (TIER) regime. Both the UCP and the NDP have stated that they would
like to see Albertans realize the value for the natural gas and oil that it produces.