Canadian Energy Regulator approves change in Nova system operation

There is a lot happening in Alberta this week, Federal election campaigning continues with only three weeks
left, the first snow storm hit in Calgary and surrounding area and it is officially October! September averaged
$54.45/MWh, with the past week averaging $43.11/MWh. Prices were relatively consistent, regardless of the
30+ centimeters of snow that landed over the weekend. Temperatures are colder than seasonally expected,
so the potential for strength in price exists over the next couple days.

Gas prices averaged $0.86/GJ, up 75% week over week. The Canadian Energy Regulator has approved a
change in how the Nova gas transmission system is operated. Owned by TC Energy, the pipeline will be
operated differently during times of maintenance and construction. These changes are expected to
substantially reduce or even eliminate negative pricing days. Additional maintenance to reduce bottlenecks
on the Nova system will commence today.