The Alberta Wire – March 6th, 2018

Update: it’s still winter in Alberta after 44 hours of straight snow over the past weekend!! Calgary has had 101
days with snow on the ground, considerably above the usual average of 85. Cold weather and carbon tax led
February 2018 power prices to settle 41% higher than February 2017, and the first week of March is trending to
be the same. Week over week prices were 4% higher at $32.14/MWh.
February was an eventful month for gas! Record high demand in Alberta has taken significant volumes out of
storage which may put upward pressure on prices going forward if the cold weather continues into March. So far,
prices have remained steady, settling 6% lower at $1.90/GJ this week.
Notley has said that Alberta is going to align its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion legal efforts with the federal
government. Alberta officials are on their way to Ottawa to work on strategy and ensure the project’s success.