Alberta Wire February 20th, 2018

After a sunny but cold Family Day, this week’s power price settled at $29.92/MWh, the lowest weekly settle in
2018 and 9% lower than the previous week. Gas settled the same week over week at $1.86/GJ.
This week the federal government released amended regulations for the reduction of carbon emissions from coal
fired generation. The new compliance standard of 0.42 tonnes of CO2/MWh by 2030 is less stringent than
Alberta’s current regulation of 0.37 tonnes of CO2/MWh. However, mandatory retirement of all coal-fired
generation has moved up to December 31, 2029, a year earlier than Alberta’s standard.
TransCanada has announced that it will proceed with a $2.4B expansion of the Nova Gas Transmission Line. The
expansion will alleviate some of the constraints on export from Empress to Dawn. The project description is set
to be released in Q2 of 2018.