Alberta weather holds for trick-or-treaters

With late October temperatures trending warmer than usual in Alberta, trick-or-treaters are hoping the
weather holds for Halloween. The warmer weather, coupled with high thermal and wind availability also
helped to soften settle prices. Price averaged 57% less week over week at $37.96/MWh. Forwards remained
flat throughout the week with no announcements and consistent settles.

AECO prices moved up slightly by 5% to $0.90/GJ. The National Energy Board has increased safety at the BC
Enbridge pipeline rupture. Repairs are in progress and winter forwards are trading down as a response to
the rupture. The rest of the curve remains flat week over week.

SaskPower has entered into a third Power Purchase Agreement with Manitoba Hydro. This PPA is the largest
between the two entities and is a step towards a 40% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The
agreement is for up to 215 MW.