Alberta Pool Price and AECO see strength in settles

Tomorrow is already the first day of August! The last week of July saw significant volatility caused by tieline
derates, strong demand and weak wind generation. The week settled $80.84/MWh, 11% higher than last
week. Forwards remain steady week over week.

AECO gas prices also saw strength week over week attributed to warm weather and strong interprovincial
demand. In addition, there were lower imports of BC gas to tighten the price as the need for storage was
reduced. Weekly price averaged $1.42/GJ, up 30% week over week. Forwards are up slightly responding to
these conditions.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is still installing new lightbulbs in houses as expected demand for the program was
more than double. There are over three million installed bulbs so far, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by
20,000 tonnes which is the equivalent of 8,000 vehicles off the road!