Alberta election underway

Voting is underway in the election today. With advance voting 3 times what it was in 2015; this could
indicate an increase in voter turnout. Conversely, power prices decreased 19% week over week to settle at
$36.39. The decrease was due primarily to warmer spring temperatures and higher wind generation.
Forwards are down $0.25 – $0.50 in the front of the curve and remain flat on the back end.

Settled gas prices are down 113% week over week to average $0.68/GJ. Forwards are down slightly.

With voters heading to the polls to decide the next provincial government, some results may be delayed.
Albertans that took advantage of the “vote anywhere” in advance polls will only have their ballots counted
starting Wednesday at noon. This likely won’t prevent Albertans from finding out who will lead the next
government on Tuesday night unless enough ridings are too close to call.