90-day review is being conducted by UCP on Alberta Power Market

An interesting statistic from the AESO shows that there are 19 wind projects expected to come online in 2019
totaling 2.5 GW. Some of these projects will include REP projects from Round 1. The week averaged 207% higher
than last at $92.82/MWh. The supply cushion was quite low in hours with ancillary services such as load shed in
effect. The forward curve was relatively stable over last week, but prices are still generally up.

Gas prices continued to decrease this week by 40% averaging $0.36/GJ. Exports to the Pacific Northwest from
Western Canada are expected to decrease in July due to maintenance, which could keep price settles lower due
to over supply. The forward curve is flat.

The 90-day review period on whether Alberta should return to an energy-only market or create a capacity market
has been formally announced. The government has asked for stakeholders to provide feedback including a
rational as to which market system is best for Albertans now and in the future.