The Alberta Wire – February 27, 2018

Sunshine across the province this weekend has snow melting and a spring in everyone’s step! Interestingly, the
Alberta pool price settled 4% higher than last week at $31.01/MWh. Some thermal outages were offset by
periods of up to 1,000 MW of wind supply. Forward prices through 2020 are trending ~$0.30/MWh higher than
this time last month.
AECO price settled 9% higher than last week at $2.03/GJ. Forward gas prices are also trending slightly ~$0.03/GJ
higher than this time last month.
Energy Efficiency Alberta has extended its “Business Non-Profit and Institutional” (BNI) Energy Savings Program
to small oil and gas companies, as well as other industrial customers. Product upgrades such as compressed air
leak detection, valve repair and steam trap retrofits are eligible to receive a rebate after installation. Up to the
end of 2017, $3.5 million in rebates have been claimed. Click here for more information.