Alberta Wire October 3rd, 2017

Spot prices in Alberta trended over 20% higher week over week due primarily to the Alberta/BC tie line coming offline. Additionally there were several coal fired outages and weak wind that helped to push pool price settles higher to $26.47/MWh for the week. We reached a maximum of $630.47/MWh for the week.
AECO C gas prices averaged $0.00/GJ for the week! This extremely low settle occurred because of a tolerance change on the TransCanada Pipeline reducing interruptible transportation at Empress from 30% to 3%.
A new report issued by the Delphi Group suggests that the Alberta Government’s plan to add 5000 MW of renewables to the generation mix by 2030 could result in over 15,000 job years and $3.7B in local spending between now and 2030.
The report also suggest that the wind industry will make investments of $8.3B in new wind energy projects in Alberta by 2030. This could provide a welcome opportunity for the unemployed but skilled energy industry workforce as the occupations and skills are similar to that in the wind industry.