The Alberta Wire – January 30, 2018

Another cold week in Alberta as the first month of 2018 wraps up. Power price was consistent week over week, down
5% to average $32.80/MWh. Forwards are down slightly since last week, for an average decrease of ~$0.25/MWh.
Although prices week over week are down, the balance of year for 2018 is trending up over $20/MWh compared to
January 2017. The first Comprehensive Market Design was released for the capacity market and a final draft is
expected to be presented in June.
The gas market has been fairly consistent in 2018, the weekly average price is up 15% to average $2.10/GJ this week
and all daily averages were above $2.00/GJ. Prices saw strength due to the cold weather snap across Alberta. Forward
prices are expected to soften, but still remain above $1.00/GJ as we head into spring.
The cryptocurrency trend continues to see significant news coverage globally. An article highlighting the most recent
location for miners is right here in Alberta. A place famous for dinosaur bones is now a home to Bitcoin miners.
Drumheller is the next place for miners as the electricity price is low on a global scale and there is an abundance of
space for server containers.