2000 – 2009

With deregulation now in effect, TransAlta became the first Canadian electrical generation company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has since grown to become the largest investor-owned generator of renewable energy in Canada.

With deregulation, we also divested ourselves of our Alberta-based retail and distribution businesses, choosing instead to focus solely on power generation.

Other new markets opened, including Mexico, where we built and operated two gas-fired power plants before selling them in 2008.

Investment in wind facilities and other renewable energy sources such as geo-thermal heat continued.

To end the decade, TransAlta completed the acquisition of Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., adding 21 renewable energy plants to its portfolio in the process. And, with funding from the Province of Alberta and Government of Canada, TransAlta played a vital leadership role in advancing Project Pioneer – one of the largest integrated carbon capture and storage projects in the world.

We are recognized for our sustainable development efforts and have significant investments in wind energy, including the pictured wind facility at Kent Hills, New Brunswick.