1980 – 1989

In 1981, we changed our name to that by which we are known today – TransAlta.  The new name better reflected our now province-wide operations. During this decade we advanced in leaps and bounds, growing to the point where we were supplying 81 per cent of Alberta’s electrical requirements.

Early in the decade we also commissioned Sundance Unit Six. It came online in 1980, and incorporated the latest advances in generation technology.

Office technology was also changing. As we began to use electronic mail, word processing and other computer applications, work became faster and more efficient. Our application to build our Keephills Plant was the first we made using computerized technologies.

In 1982, we helped move the hamlet of Keephills further from our mining activities. The work was a model of public participation as we worked closely with the newly formed Committee on Keephills Environment, a community organization that still meets today.

The Keephills Plant was commissioned in 1983 and in service in 1984.

In the ’80s, Calgary Power became TransAlta.