Our Commitment


TransAlta has significantly grown our renewables business. We are now Canada’s largest generator of wind power and the largest generator of renewable energy in Alberta. We are committed to greening our portfolio of generation assets and today our renewable energy assets of wind and hydro make up almost 25% of our portfolio.

We’re working to further diversify our company by investing in a wide range of technologies across numerous jurisdictions. We’re building gas generation, such as our large 800 MW natural gas-fired Sun 7 plant here in Alberta slated for commissioning in 2018, and our behind-the-fence plants in Australia and Canada. We’re targeting more wind in the United States. We’re also moving into other forms of electricity infrastructure, such as a natural gas pipeline in Australia and pursuing transmission in Alberta.

We’ve been at the forefront of our industry in advancing how power is produced and delivered to consumers. We’ve worked extensively over the years to find proactive and innovative solutions to bring together what society wants on the economic front as well as the environmental one.

An example of our commitment to this is the historical agreement we reached regarding our Centralia operation in Washington State, where we worked closely with the government, stakeholders and communities to achieve a consensual plan to transition the closure of our coal units in 2020 and 2025. By doing it in this manner, the community has time to adjust to the loss of a competitive source of electricity and jobs.

At TransAlta, we’ve been on a sustainability journey for over 20 years.

We want you to know that we remain committed toward a future where electricity is low-cost, reliable and greener. And that we believe in a responsible transition of Alberta’s electricity-producing coal fleet.

We will continue to be at the table every step of the way to ensure that our journey towards sustainability is thoughtful and fact-based.

Reality needs to take precedence over public relations.

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