President and CEO Dawn Farrell’s message to customers

TransAlta is accelerating its transition to clean power. Read our December 6, 2017 news release.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with governments and customers to ensure the policy and regulatory framework that has always backed up our business will create low cost, green, reliable and firm power for customers and returns our investors need to back our industry.

TransAlta is building a company for customers who want to buy low cost, clean, reliable, firm power. Wind, solar and hydro and natural gas-fired power — delivered when and where you need it, 24/7.

While our customers are varied, they all have the same idea. They want power that helps make them competitive, environmentally sensitive, forward-looking and proud of who provides their power.

And governments today know that the capital required to ensure that electricity systems are strong must have a reasonable return, so that the backbone infrastructure that underpins competitive economies is solid and viable.

We own and operate all kinds of power plants. Some produce intermittent green electricity to customers on a long-term contract. We also package power and sell it to customers through our marketing business. Either way, our job is to manage the risk associated with owning power plants, so our customers don’t have to and can focus on the success of their business.

Whatever your company’s needs in this rapidly changing electricity market, TransAlta is set up to meet them. Questions? Have a look at our Customer Solutions page. Want to more about TransAlta’s clean power transition? Here’s where to find it.