Report on Sustainability 2012

sustainability at TransAlta

TransAlta is Canada's largest publicly traded generator and marketer of electricity and renewable power. Sustainability is the context for our actions and lives deep within our culture. This report is a companion to our 2012 Annual Report and provides a deeper understanding of how we consider environmental, social and economic factors in all that we do.

Essential. Engaged. Evolving.

Key to being a truly sustainable company is the value we create, the way we engage with others every day and how we strive for continuous improvement.


  • Power is essential to the health and growth of economies. Industries, communities and citizens rely on what power enables and provides to support the fabric of societies.
  • Having a clear strategy is essential for setting and achieving goals. TransAlta has outlined a clear strategic path forward and sustainability is deeply embedded within it.
  • Our competitive cost-structure is essential to providing our customers with an affordable product.


  • Our employees are the backbone behind our company – their success is our success – their success comes from their engagement in the value we create as a team together.
  • From community giving, to providing a safe workplace, to delivering customer excellence, we establish different programs to engage and create value for our employees, for our customers, and for communities.
  • Listening is an essential component of being engaged in the dialogue with our stakeholders. We work hard to participate in diverse discussions, to both listen to other perspectives, and share ours.


  • We are evolving our fuel mix. For more than 15 years we have executed a strategy to diversify our asset base and evolve our service offering to customers.
  • We have evolved as a company to have a more business-centric focus, a strategy that re-sets accountability across the fleet and positions us for success and improved sustainability into the future.
  • We're continually evolving to meet the needs of a shifting economic environment.
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