Green Energy® Sustainable Solutions

“TransAlta is looking into the energy economy of tomorrow and is anticipating what is needed.” Ed Whittingham, executive director,
Pembina Institute 

We are already a green energy giant, and we have even bigger plans ahead for our renewable electricity business. TransAlta’s portfolio currently includes 24 per cent renewable energy—including wind and hydro assets—and we are committed to continuing the growth of our renewables electricity generation as part of the company’s business strategy.

In terms of wind power, TransAlta owns and operates nearly one-third of Canada’s wind capacity. We’re also upgrading our existing hydro operations, and we continue to look at further hydro investments as well. We firmly believe that diversity in our energy sources is important to TransAlta’s future and for the future of the regions in which we operate. Learn more about our green growth strategy by reading our latest Report on Sustainability.

What this means to customers

Expanding our renewables portfolio ensures we offer customers diversified energy sources for reliable and competitively-priced electricity.

When our customers buy renewable energy, they are buying the assurance that clean electricity will be supplied for a certain number of megawatt hours. This purchase displaces emissions from coal and gas-fired generation, lowering air contaminants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gases. Renewable energy is certified and tracked by independent third parties that verify the source, quality and amount of correlating clean energy.

Find out more about our Green Energy® Sustainable Solutions by reading our FAQ.


Green Leaf  

Renewable Energy Tags from TransAlta meet the requirements of GreenLeaf™ Certification through Terrachoice Environmental Services. Click here to learn more.



The Green-e Program certifies that Green Energy Tags from TransAlta meet the minimum environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. For more information on Green-e certification requirements, call 1-800-63-GREEN or visit



TransAlta is an EcoLogo™ certified distributor of Alternative Source Electricity through Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program. All wind power generated and sold by TransAlta is from generation facilities that are EcoLogo-certified. For more information about EcoLogo, click here.



Last updated: September 29, 2014