Alberta Wire September 5th, 2017

The past week saw moderate prices with the grid well supplied by wind combined with strong plant availability with minimal disruptions.  Prices in all hours were held below $50 as demand averaged well under expectations when temperatures fell from the highs at the beginning of the week, remaining low with decreased power use throughout the long weekend.  The week averaged $22.03/MWh.

The AECO-C natural gas spot price averaged $1.83/GJ, $0.08/GJ (4.6%) higher than the previous week’s average. The price doldrums continue for natural gas with the month of August averaging $1.74/GJ.

In the progress toward integrating utility scale batteries into the grid, the Alberta Storage Alliance may contest the AESO’s plan for transmission tariffs.  Currently, energy storage assets will pay the Demand Transmission Service (DTS) tariff when charging and Supply Transmission Service (STS) tariff when supplying power.  If batteries are permitted a different transmission cost treatment while charging, they will avoid paying significant transmission costs, removing another barrier to their adoption. This will play out shortly as the AESO’s 2018 tariff application is filed this month.